31 Days of Soul Searching

31 Days of Soul Searching

Welcome to my new blog series!

I am so excited that you are joining me for this month of soul searching.

I will post daily during the month of October, sharing with you my journey to increased self-awareness.

31 days, 31 posts, and hopefully 31 opportunities for enlightenment and personal epiphany!

Recently I have embarked on an interesting journey of reflection, faith finding, and soul searching.

I can’t quite describe exactly what brought forth this new craving for me… a few big challenges, a series of bad days, a handful of unanswered questions, and a ton of tiny triggers along the way.

This interesting combination of uneasiness and unsettled feelings within me are shaking up my guts in a way that calls for action.

What kind of action?

Soul Searching Action.

I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin. I have been wondering if this is really all there is. I find myself daydreaming of a better life. A deeper, more fulfilling life.

Where exactly does one get that?

Not entirely sure. But I will start by examining my life from within.

Join me for 31 Days of Soul Searching!

Day 1: {Whooooo?}

Day 2: {Perfection}

Day 3: {Pleaser}

Day 4: {Fear}

Day 5: {Forgiveness}

Day 6: {Prayer}

Day 7: {Complain}

Day 8: {Control}

Day 9: {Courage}

Day 10: {Conflict}

Day 11: {Love}

Day 12: {Struggle}

Day 13: {Security}

Day 14: {Tolerance}

Day 15: {Timing}

Day 16: {Vulnerability}

Day 17: {Gratitude}

Day 18: {Gossip}

Day 19: {Independence}

Day 20: {Faith}

Day 21: {Learning}

Day 22: {Blame}

Day 23: {Boundaries}

Day 24: {Comparison}

Day 25: {Purpose}

Day 26: {Self-Talk}

Day 27: {Inspiration}

Day 28: {Encourage}

Day 29: {Change}

Day 30: {Expectation}

Day 31: {Implement}

This new blog series is in response to a fun challenge from The Nester. Take a peak at her blog for other categories and tons of other 31 Day posts. I have never been one to shy away from a challenge and this one sounded just too fun to miss out on!

I welcome your feedback and comments and suggestions, so please don’t be shy!

Just leave a little note in the comments below…


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