31 Days of Soul Searching – Day 31 {Implement}

Day 31

In 31 days, we have found 31 ways to live a more fulfilling life! At first glance that may not seem like what we’re doing, but we most definitely are.

We’ve uncovered things that drag us down, steal our joy, and get in our way. But we have also taken an extra step to come up with ways to recognize these self-defeating situations and combat the challenges.

Turns out that soul searching is not for sissies! It has been quite a process for me to dig deep and unearth the things that I typically cover up. I wear my smile and say everything is fine and go on about my life, but that is not always how I’m really feeling. This month, I have dared to ditch that happy mask and take a long look in the mirror. And that was a bit painful at times.

Truth is, I do really like what I see in myself. I am not perfect. I have a zillion hang ups and wacky issues that I need to work through, but all in all…  I am totally okay with who I am. And I am hoping that you are feeling that same way.

Throughout this journey, I have heard many similar stories and have found that we all struggle with the same basic demons in our lives. They are a little bit different for each of us and our paths to this point are all varied, but when we step back and look, we are all fighting the same battles.

We are fighting against our past. We are fighting fear of the future. We are fighting own thoughts in many cases. And sometimes we are fighting each other.

To find peace within ourselves, perhaps we just need to acknowledge that everyone we know has struggles too. Accepting and loving each other (and ourselves) despite our flaws is the password to peace.

There will most certainly be times in our future where we all need to do additional soul searching, but for now, I hope you feel equipped to move forward with confidence in making some changes to support your happiness. 

Our last step is to {implement} a plan!

Everyone’s plans will be slightly different, and it is up to you to decide what steps to take to make those positive changes in your life. But here’s a little guidance on determining your course of action…

  • Review the list of topics we have discussed and discovered over the past 31 days and pick out your top 3 struggles.
  • With your top 3 struggles, write down 1 action step for each that you are committed to take to change your current responses to that particular issue. 
  • Determine ways that you will celebrate your steps toward success as situations arise.
  • Think of ways that you will get yourself back on track when you feel yourself slipping into your self-destructive behaviors.
  • Take another look at the list of topics and find the top 3 topics that are things you want more of for your life.
  • With your top 3 topics – the good stuff – think of at least 1 way for each that you can generate more of those things or behaviors in your life.
  • And decide how do you plan on celebrating your success when you are effectively able to generate more of those good things!

When you create a plan, you will be able to implement it and make positive changes in your life! You can, I can, we all can!

My heart-felt thanks for keeping me company on this soul searching adventure. I have been blessed by each of you throughout the process. Many of you shared your struggles with me and I am deeply grateful for your vulnerability and openness. Knowing that I am not alone in feeling these things has helped me in immeasurable ways. There is strength and power in the realization that none of us are alone! Remember that you are not alone.

We will certainly come across ongoing struggles within ourselves and life situations that create obstacles. We have increased our self-awareness and are better equipped to handle whatever life throws our way. Don’t worry. We are ready!



*This is the 31st post in a 31 day series on Soul Searching. To follow the series from the beginning, simply click here and you will be directed to the introductory post which contains links to each day’s topic.


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