Silencing our Inner Critic

Some of my greatest suffering in life has come at my own hand, it turns out.

When I was a kid, my sister and I would argue. I am four years younger and had made it my life’s mission to irritate her. I was good at it!

Pushing her buttons was my specialty. I would pinch her, mess up her room, and wear her clothes. {Oh sweet Jesus, how I wish I could wear her size small clothes now!} I would mimic her, and follow her, and tease her.

Then, when she just couldn’t take it anymore, she would grab me tightly, take ahold of my own flimsy little arm, shake it back and forth in a flapping frenzy, and slap me with my own flailing hand.

“Stop hitting yourself,” she would say, over and over until we both giggled our silly heads off.

She used my own hand to punish my irritating behavior. And I use my own thoughts to punish myself too.

Maybe you can relate to being harder on yourself than anyone else could ever be? Or holding yourself hostage to your flaws? Or wallowing in your worries? Or your own personal version of self-created suffering?

I’ve been an “in your head” kind of person since I was a kid, and it wasn’t until recently that I began taking notice and taking steps to silence my inner critic. It still battles to be heard, but I am better prepared for it now.


Here are a few tidbits of hard-fought wisdom that will help you refocus your thoughts and regain your peace of mind…

3 Ways to Turn Your Thoughts Around

31 Days of Soul Searching {Self-Talk}

5 Ways to Choose Happiness

Harnessing Your Power

The Power of Aligning Your Thoughts and Actions

Celebrating Your Superpowers {Confidence}


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