Message in a Misaligned Shoulder Pad

A quick glance in the bathroom mirror at work today uncovered something interesting. Something was amiss. Catawampus.

My black blazer’s left shoulder pad – because lots of jackets made after 1988 still have shoulder pads – had gone missing. I reached in and dug it out of where it had settled in to create extra hunchback-like volume, and returned it to its rightful place. As I lingered on my reflection to make sure it was okay to return to public view, I realized what a monumental message that misaligned shoulder pad conveyed.

It wasn’t really about one shoulder being taller than the other one. Or a weird bump in my upper back. Or the stitching that had given way to years of wear and tear.

It was about more than my symmetrical appearance. It was about balance – both inside and out.

If you’re like me, you know when you’re out of balance in your life. I knew today. Not because I caught my shoulder pads awry in the mirror, but because I felt it. Deep in my bones, I just know when something is amiss. Catawampus.

Today’s moment of clarity in the mirror reminded me that balance is important in all areas of my life. I know when things aren’t quite right, and I need to take steps to regain my balance.

Questions for you to ponder…

– What areas of your life feel out of balance?

– What steps can you take to realign your priorities?

I am seeking more balance by creating time and space and opportunities for the things I want more of in my life.

Faith. Health. Connection. Mindset.

These are the key areas that yield the greatest impact in my life. Fueling my faith, focusing on my health, increasing opportunities for meaningful connection, and managing my mindset all contribute to my greater good.

I am seeking things that fill me up instead of depleting me. Things that energize me and prepare me to give more, do more, and be more. These things are the cornerstone of my contentment. And they are my roads to a more balanced life.


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