Seeking Simplicity

Coffee in bed on a lazy morning. Puppy snuggles. Forehead kisses from my sweet hubby. Home-cooked meals. Connecting with friends and family. Giggling over random silliness. Feeling the love and comforts of home.

These are the things that my heart has been craving.

The past six weeks in my world have been a bit of a whirlwind. Work travel has taken me away from home and placed me in airports and hotel rooms and moments of solitude. Soul unsettled. Missing the simple pleasures that I sometimes overlook as blessings during ordinary days.

Funny how we miss the things we often take for granted when we are distanced from them. The things we crave most are the things we already have. That’s why we miss them. And oddly enough, it isn’t actual things – like our new fancy television or my closet full of clothes. It isn’t stuff at all. What we really miss are experiences and feelings and time spent well.

Much of my time last year was spent chasing after accomplishment, but that was not at all my intention. I chose a guiding word that I believed would bring about what I was yearning for at the time. “Create” was my word for 2015 and when I selected it, I didn’t think it was a results-based word. I thought if I made efforts to create space for the things I wanted more of in life, I would be fulfilled. The concept should have worked! And maybe it would have if I would have been less driven by outcomes. But I tend to measure my success by the end of the story instead of the brave beginnings or the meatiness of the middle. Wondering why I feel the need to measure it at all?

Simplicity. That’s what I’m seeking now.

Less stuff, more meaningful moments. Back to basics. Rebuilding foundations. Tending to relationships that feed my soul. Spending time well. Loosening my grasp on outcomes. Relinquishing my need for control. Letting go of things that don’t nurture me. Allowing myself to just be.

“Simplify” is my guiding word for 2016. And my soul is thrilled for this beautifully simple and pleasingly pressure-free journey.


Wanna join me on my quest for simplicity? One simple step I took was to read Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington. Her words of wisdom reminded me to “never confuse a busy life with a full life”. The things that make our lives full have nothing to do with busyness. “We have to break the cycle of busy in our lives if we are going to have enough room to discover our destiny.”


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