31 Days of Celebrating your Superpowers!

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“You can be powerful, or you can be pitiful, but you can’t be both.”

~Joyce Meyer







There are moments when I feel completely bullet-proof and powerful. I just know I can handle every little thing that comes my way. And more than that, I proactively go out looking for things to conquer. Problems that I haven’t been able to solve before, conversations that I may have previously cowered away from, and changes that I was reluctant to make in the past – all of these things suddenly seem possible on my powerful days.

There are also moments when I feel utterly powerless against the wrath of this crazy world. If it could go wrong, it likely will. And when those moments drag into days, I know that my pity party must come to an end. Pitiful and powerless.

Can you relate to those contrasting, contradictory, completely inconsistent perspectives?

On one hand, in one moment, I have confidence and gumption and power.

On the other hand, in a different moment, I cower and shrink and am certain I should give up before I even begin.

Those opposing places cannot co-exist. The “yes I can” and the “no I can’t” don’t get to live in the same moments. The one we give focus to will prove victorious over our emotions and our attitude.

Let us focus on power.

During the month of October, we are going to focus on our powerful moments. Let’s spend 31 days featuring the things that bring out our oomph and sass like no pity party ever could. An entire month of celebrating the qualities and characteristics and even a few silly things that make us awesome. Highlighting and showcasing the pieces of power that we may not bring to the forefront often enough. Our everyday, ordinarily amazing, regular remarkable, occasionally downplayed superpowers.

Are you in?

Wonder women powers ACTIVATE!!!


Each day our powerful topics will appear below so you can easily click and read by saving the link to today’s series introduction post. You can also follow along with the series by subscribing to my blog, and each post will be delivered directly to your email inbox. And of course, you can keep up to speed by just visiting my blog throughout the month.

Day 1 ~ Bravery
Day 2 ~ Optimism
Day 3 ~ Strength
Day 4 ~ Adaptability
Day 5 ~ Multi-Tasking
Day 6 ~ Motivation
Day 7 ~ Individuality
Day 8 ~ Progress
Day 9 ~ Leadership
Day 10 ~ Truth
Day 11 ~ Love
Day 12 ~ Enthusiasm
Day 13 ~ Pause & Reflect
Day 14 ~ Adventure
Day 15 ~ Intuition
Day 16 ~ Thought Control
Day 17 ~ Simplicity
Day 18 ~ Connection
Day 19 ~ Embracing Ordinary
Day 20 ~ Master Meal Maker
Day 21 ~ Listening 
Day 22 ~ Confidence
Day 23 ~ Encouragement
Day 24 ~ Compassion
Day 25 ~ Resilience
Day 26 ~ Faith
Day 27 ~ Inspiration
Day 28 ~ Gratitude
Day 29 ~ Transformation
Day 30 ~ Prayer
Day 31 ~ Perseverance

So excited that you are sharing in this journey with me this month!

Here’s to 31 days of celebrating our superpowers!



*This series is part of a brilliant blog challenge hosted at Write 31 Days where thousands {YES thousands!} of bloggers link up to a variety of categories and share their wisdom, perspectives, and creativity. Check it out!



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