31 Days of Soul Searching – Day 21 {Learning}

Day 21

I have this theory…

Each of us are given a set of lessons during our lifetime, and they continue to crop up in varied forms with varied faces until we get them right.

{Learning} something from every situation is a quality that I pride myself on. No matter how good or how bad a scenario is, I believe we can extract a valuable life lesson from even the most mundane moments.

But are we really learning from those situations? While I already said that “I pride myself on learning something from every situation”, am I really doing that? Oh, here comes the soul searching!

When I boil it down, I would guess that I am either not learning what I am supposed to be learning OR I am not effectively applying what I’ve learned to future situations.

What makes me think that? Because those dreaded lessons are on repeat like my favorite songs from yester-year. Over and over again they play until I wear them out. The lyrics spinning in my head like the vinyl on a turntable.

>> Silly side note…  My most used 45 record was a Shaun Cassidy song from 1977 called Da Doo Ron Ron when I was in grade school! Wow, I am old!!! Does anyone even remember him? <<

I most certainly have a “greatest hits” album of my life lessons still unlearned. How about you? They come up. I work through them. Apparently unsatisfactorily. They repeat. I address them again. Crash and burn. They repeat. Ugh!!! Enough already!

So, how is it that I can finally conquer these learning opportunities once and for all?

Have you ever heard that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results” ? One of the most intelligent men in our history, Albert Einstein, said that and I think he was onto something there.

The reason that history repeats itself is because we are not changing our approach to the problems. The answer to unlocking the lesson lies within us.

I have a few concepts that I can think of that continue to challenge me each and every time I am faced with them. A few people that I have not learned to deal with. A few recurring themes that seem to haunt me. Can you think of a few of your own? 

My challenge will be to change the way I’m thinking of these situations the next time they begin to play. Sure, I know all the words and can just sing along like last time, but if I do that, the ending will be the same. My task is to make a change in how I deal with it and go on to learn the lesson that I was supposed to learn the first time.

Learning opportunities present themselves every single day in our lives. It is what we do with those opportunities that determines the outcome. Will we be able to approach them with renewed spirit and apply a different approach to finally get past the repeating lessons? Or will we continue to be stuck on our “best of the oldies” as they replay again and again?

Let’s move past these life lessons in community. Let’s work on these issues together. Let’s seek counsel from trusted resources when we need to. Let’s recognize that our learning may need to move to another level to finally pass the test. And when the final chapter closes, my goal will be to say “lesson learned”.


*This is the 21st post in a 31 day series on Soul Searching. To follow the series from the beginning, simply click here and you will be directed to the introductory post which contains links to each day’s topic.


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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Soul Searching – Day 21 {Learning}

  1. Jane October 21, 2013 at 7:51 pm Reply

    Tris thank you so much for sharing. These messages that you have brought forth have been a blessing. It has made me think differently about circumstances that life has brought fourth in my life at this time. I am hoping that I too can make the changes that my life needs to be a fuller and beatiful person to all of those who mean the world to me. You are right up there on top for me. Love ya

    • trisbendickson October 21, 2013 at 7:59 pm Reply

      Thank you so much Jan. It means the world to me that you have found commonality in the challenges that I struggle with. It reminds me that I am not alone or crazy or abnormal. It is such a lovely thing to be able to share our struggles and figure it all out together. Blessed by your encouragement and friendship. ❤

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