Lazy Christian Tip of the Week

Well HELLO lazy Sunday! I have been waiting for this day all week. A day to decompress and recharge my batteries. It is crazy how much the business of life can just suck the joy right out of you. I need ways to replenish that in my life.

Today as I reflect, I realize that relationships are at the top of my priority list. Much like you, I have beautifully imperfect relationships that need to be tended to on a regular basis to keep them strong and healthy. And I always find that when I am able to give my positive attention to my relationships, I am able to generate more joy from them.

{Positive attention is the key here. Just plain attention doesn’t improve my relationships effectively. My attention can sometimes mean complaining, comparing, and keeping score. Ugh! You know what a destructive force that can be on a relationship from experience I would bet. I know I do.}

Today, I am focusing on the most important relationship in my life… my marriage. Where there is pure love, there is also an abundance of joy. But it doesn’t always come easily and I sometimes need direction and resources to bring out the best in my marriage.

My Lazy Christian Tip for you this week is a lovely marriage resource!

Dave Willis has a positive website with practical ways to bring out the best in your marriage.

Click here to visit his site:

My favorite post is “7 Secrets of Happy Couples”:

And click here to link to the Marriage Facebook page:

Take a few minutes to roam around on this site and work to honor that most important relationship in your life. This relationship is the one that should give you the most love, companionship, understanding, support, and forgiveness of any in your life. Marriage is a priority and today is the perfect day to pour in a little effort and allow that love and joy to overflow.



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