31 Days of Soul Searching – Day 16 {Vulnerability}

Day 16

All my life I have associated vulnerability with weakness. “Never let ’em see you sweat” and “fake it ’til you make it” have been concepts I have lived by.

My struggles are my own to battle, I have thought. Nobody really cares anyway, I have believed. Why should I burden anyone with my worries, I would wonder.

Lost. Alone. Pretending.

{Vulnerability} is not a weakness though. I am slowly learning that vulnerability is quite possibly one of the greatest strengths anyone can possess and a beautiful agent for healing change.

Opening up does not come easily for me. It doesn’t really matter why it is difficult for me, it just is. Sharing my fears and failures with others feels like it would open a wound that, once exposed, would never heal.

On the contrary, I am finding.

Do you have difficulty being vulnerable in situations? Do you often keep your inner most feelings concealed to even those closest to you? Me too.

Today, I just want to remind you that you matter. Everything you think and feel has value and gravity. It is real. It is profound. It is YOU!

Please don’t continue to guard yourself so diligently that your walls are insurmountable. Let someone in. Let someone help.

Easier said than done, I realize, especially if you have been burned because of being vulnerable in the past. If it wasn’t a safe environment for you to share and you were laughed at or made fun of, or even just ignored or shrugged off, seek a safe outlet now. You get to decide where and when and with whom you will allow your vulnerability to appear. But let it. You owe it to yourself.

I understand how hard it can be. It is incredibly difficult for me. But letting down your guard and shedding your armor is the only way you can begin to change the things that have kept you prisoner for so long.

Show your strength… Dare to be vulnerable!




*This is the 16th post in a 31 day series on Soul Searching. To follow the series from the beginning, simply click here and you will be directed to the introductory post which contains links to each day’s topic.


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