Celebrating your Superpowers – Day 18 {Connection}

It is day #18 of our superpower celebration, and I was pondering what power to feature today. I have some ideas swirling around, but I just wait until the right one comes forth – the one that fits my mood in the moment that I finally sit down to write.

I chatted with a friend this morning, as we walked through crunchy yellow leaves and sipped our coffee. She shared an amazing topic idea with me – and I will most certainly share it – but not today.

Today, it dawned on me as I left our coffee connection and drove home thinking about life’s blessings and the things that add to my ability to conquer the world, that the superpower today should be something else. I had an idea, and as I turned the corner to my street and spotted what looked like a cape blowing in the wind, I knew it would be perfect. In the distance I couldn’t quite tell, but the closer I got, the clearer I could see.

A family. And some friends. A few dogs. Adults holding hands with the children to keep them safe. All out in my neighborhood for a morning walk to the park. And in the middle of the group, a little boy was proudly sporting a superhero costume with a bright red cape trailing playfully behind him.

Silly side note: As much as I wanted to stop and ask if I could take their picture, I replayed those words in my own head and realized how creepy that might sound. So I kept driving. 

In that moment, as I continued my drive home, today’s superpower reminded me that we are all in this together. Capes or not. Our fellow superheroes are sharing our lives with us. With every walk and every conversation and every cup of coffee shared.


Connection gives us the strength of community to tackle life together. It enables us to share our hopes and dreams and worries and fears with someone who cares about us. It allows us the confidence to wear superhero costumes in a crowd and walk hand in hand into the street, with the safety of knowing we belong. And that reciprocal connection is definitely a power to be celebrated!

We experience connection at an early age within our families, and when properly nurtured, we develop a keen sense of what connection should look like. We go off to school and connect with friends. We carry on with friendships and family and co-workers as our connectors to life lived in community.  We are vulnerable. We share. We give back. We listen. We feel. We understand. We are understood. We know we belong. And connection does that for us.

Our lives provide us with opportunities for connection everywhere. In our work, in our play, in our ups, and in our downs. But we must act on the opportunity for connection to become powerful. Sometimes it comes easily and is effortless. Sometimes it takes more work. And there are some people that we connect with on a level that empowers us to just be better.

Returning from an entire week with my sweet husband and pup, I am reflecting on the beautiful connection we have with one another. We don’t have to talk about everything. And sometimes we don’t talk about anything. Even silence is a form of connection when it’s shared. But the moments that we have together are moments of deep connectivity. On vacation, and in everyday life.

We all crave connection. We are just plain better when we are connected with others. We have connections on many levels and with many people, and that openness that allows us to put ourselves out there and connect with others is an ability we should treasure. It is a power to applaud. Connection is a superpower worth celebrating!


As you think about connection in your own life…

Who are the people that you regularly connect with? 

How do they empower and enhance your life?

What do you do to nurture those connections?

How do you create new connections in your life? 





*This is the 18th post in a 31 day series called “Celebrating your Superpowers”. Catch the series from the beginning by clicking here and you will be directed to an introductory post containing links to each day’s topic. Join me in celebrating your superpowers this month!


Special thanks to Becky Schmidt for sharing this awesome picture of her superhero twins, clearly showing their superpower of connection.




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