Celebrating your Superpowers – Day 17 {Simplicity}

Sunshine warms my face. And the same gentle rays of sun glisten happily on the waves. The sound of the sea roars in the distance. And the taste of salt sits sweetly on my lips. A feast for my senses, this trip has been. And it is reminding me that there is always time to soak in our surroundings, if we take the time.

Our world whirls past us with such speed most days. You awaken, you push through every task on your list, and you crash into bed exhausted from the constant rush. Always onto the next thing. Rarely settling in the moment.

Finding time to settle in the moment can be challenging with all the demands of daily life. But we need to. Our soul needs us to.


Simplicity is our ability to strip away the messy bits of stuff that we carry around like barnacles on an aging rock. They’re just there. And they are excess. And they are distracting. And a little gross, really.

Life is complicated enough without us willingly adding to the excess distractions. But we so often over-complicate our lives with too much stuff and with too many commitments. Why do we do that to ourselves?

We run ourselves ragged. We think more is better. And better is important. Because we’re subconsciously keeping score.

I know that at first blush, simplicity seems like anything but a superpower. I get it. Not “super” enough. But take a step back and think about how you would feel if you could immediately – like right this second – cross eight things off your to-do list. Eight things!

I would feel pretty stinking super about that. Like a weight had been lifted. Like I had time to settle in the moment, maybe enjoying a cup of coffee. Like I could take on the world and win!

And therein lies the superpower of simplicity.

Simple really. Scale back the unnecessary excess. Prioritize the things that matter. Toss out the things that don’t. Stop keeping score. And take time – make time – for the precious moments that may otherwise be buried beneath layers of lists and schedules and stuff.

As you reflect on simplicity in your own life…

What things can you cross off your list that aren’t necessary?

How can you simplify your life in other areas too?

What do you stand to gain by giving up a little?


*This is the 17th post in a 31 day series called “Celebrating your Superpowers“. Catch the series from the beginning by clicking here and you will be directed to an introductory post containing links to each day’s topic. Join me in celebrating your superpowers this month!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating your Superpowers – Day 17 {Simplicity}

  1. Tonia Bendickson October 17, 2014 at 7:38 am Reply

    Bravo, sweet sister!!!
    What you’re doing here is amazing! I’m inspired and encouraged and grateful – keep it up!!

    • trisbendickson October 19, 2014 at 10:24 am Reply

      Thank you for your encouragement! Love you!

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