Celebrating your Superpowers – Day 14 {Adventure}

Every single day, we get out of bed and roll through our routines. Every day. Sometimes the monotony can strangle and suffocate us. It’s true.

But we get to do amazing things to break up the daily dose of routine!

Adventure stirs our souls and gets our juices pumping. And adventure is your superpower today!


Throughout this series we have surfaced and celebrated qualities and characteristics that make you an ordinary, extraordinary superhero. Things that you do or that you are that make you special and awesome. But today we are celebrating a thing. And a slightly intangible thing, at that.

Here’s why: We all need a little something outside our normal lives to shake things up. To look forward to. To be spontaneous. To be daring. To be adventurous.

We do. If we let our lives take the form of completely predictable schedules, spinning out again and again and again, always the same, we get bored. And we get boring. And while I’m admittedly a little bit boring already, I refuse to get sucked into and swallowed up by my routine.

So, what do adventure seekers do, exactly?

Well, there’s the traditional adventure thrill of bungee jumping or skydiving. But I’m not that cool. Or that brave. Maybe you are though, so go for it!

There are plenty of ways to add some adventure into your life without also risking your life. Anything that departs from your normal day-to-day can be an adventure.

This week, for instance, my hubby and pup and I are on vacation at the beach. As we woke up yesterday morning, I softly whispered “we’re going on an adventure today” in the floppy, hairy ear of my sweet dog. He perked up immediately. That’s his cue – the word adventure – that he gets to take a drive. And he’s always pretty sure there will be water involved, because all of his best adventures involve water.

So we drove west until we couldn’t drive any further and the peaceful Pacific Ocean welcomed us with open arms. And rain. Buckets of it.

There was no way I was going to let all that rain keep me – or my eager pup – from walking on the beach our first night. You just can’t come this far and not get out there and soak it in. So I pulled on my bright yellow wellies, zipped up my hooded jacket so far that only a smidgen of my face peeked out, and set forth on our adventure.

We splashed through the puddles and out to the spacious sandy space that we get to call home for the week. Ahhhhhh. A deep exhale and your soul just knows it belongs here.

Some adventures involve the possibility of plummeting to your death. But some adventures are just a little slice of life that looks different than the rest. A Sunday drive, a hike on a sunny day, a moment of silliness, a new place to explore… almost anything can be an adventure.

This week, my adventure is a beach vacation. And this adventure is shaking up my normal routine and awakening my senses. And it’s allowing my soul to breathe. And it is reminding me that even the simplest pleasures in life have to be noticed to actually bring about the pleasure. So I am noticing the beautiful world around me and letting it soak in. And maybe getting a little soaked in the process. And this adventure, as non-life-threatening as it is, is still an adventure. And adventure, my friends, is our superpower.

Tell me, my adventure seeking friends…

What’s your next adventure?

How does adventure bring blessings to your life?

What can you do to invite more adventure into your day-to-day?


*This is the 14th post in a 31 day series called “Celebrating your Superpowers“. Catch the series from the beginning by clicking here and you will be directed to an introductory post containing links to each day’s topic. Join me in celebrating your superpowers this month!

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