Celebrating your Superpowers – Day 10 {Truth}

Hello and welcome to day #10 of Celebrating your Superpowers!

Today’s words of wisdom are courtesy of my beautiful, smart, and sassy friend, Julie Hart. Julie is a freelance writer and is currently working on her second murder mystery novel. Her work can be found at her brilliant blog: Crime & Julie 

One of my favorite Julie-qualities is that she always speaks the truth. She is honest and genuine in all that she does, and in all that she is, and I consider truth her superpower! 



by Julie Hart


When I volunteered to guest blog for my dear friend Tris, it sounded like a good idea. After all, that’s what I do for a living. I write.

I had lots of ideas for superpowers. How to listen to your gut – and cut people off who might hurt you. Tips to avoid uncomfortable conversations. What not to say to get along.

Are you seeing a pattern here? 

My mind was taking me to my own special superpower. How to protect thyself from hurt, pain, or disappointment.

Then I had another thought. Had that ever worked for me? Have I avoided hurt, pain, and disappointment? Not a chance. I’ve been drenched in it – sometimes here and there; other times in big buckets.

For instance, that time I kept a non-friend for five years so as not to hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, I was going nuts every time we were together. Turns out, I was the one who cried when I let her go.

That fun experience taught me that it’s better to be just who I am. And, truth is, I can be a bit too trusting, a bit too vulnerable, and, well, I hardly shut up.

But I have to admit I like it that way. I like sharing who I really am, taking a chance. As Shakespeare wrote, “To thine own self be true.”

So I’ve decided to toss out my special superpower – the power of protection. And that leaves, well, just me. And my truth. A girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, blurts out what everyone else is thinking, and is always ready to lend a kind word. I kind of like that girl.

So whoever you are, be true to yourself. Dip you toe into life and then dive right in. You may be amazed at the superpowers you discover within yourself.

Will there be pain? Will there be stops and starts? Yes. But you’re not alone. We’re all a little bit afraid. Remember that the next time you hold back and then go for it anyway.


Note to self:  Don’t ever write a self-disclosing blog again. Stick with murder and mayhem. It’s safer that way. 

So thankful to my sweet friend Julie for sharing her perspective on her superpower, TRUTH.

She embodies truth, through her own admitted trial and error. Sometimes getting to our authentic selves comes at the expense of previously painful attempts to share half truths or worse, who we think we should be instead of who we really are.

But today, I encourage you to embrace your truth! And celebrate those steps that have successfully brought you closer to your superpower!


I’m wondering…

What ways do you ensure you are true to yourself in your life?

How do you share your truth with others?

What can you do to encourage others around you to share their authentic truth as well?






*This is the 10th post in a 31 day series called “Celebrating your Superpowers”. Catch it from the beginning by clicking here and you will be directed to an introductory post containing links to each day’s post. Join me in celebrating your superpowers this month!







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