Slow Your Roll ~ Nurture Your Soul

Happy Weekend Friends!

I know that for many busy families, weekends are when you scramble to a dozen soccer games, prepare for sleepovers and snack times and such, and drop off and pick up extra kiddos to everything. I know that because there was a time when my stepsons were younger and we would be scrambling on the weekends too. Except it was hockey games with sweet, but smelly boys.

But I am in a different season of my life now. No kiddos at home and my busy time is during the work-week. Last week I had the pleasure of traveling and teaching training classes to eager new employees. I love every minute of imparting knowledge and sharing stories and answering questions. But staying away from home is not quite as enjoyable. Living out of a suitcase, sleeping in a much-too-big and entirely too empty bed, and losing an epic battle with a corkscrew and wine bottle resulting in red wine splashed everywhere were the non-work highlights of my trip. Really, the wine kicked my butt.

In those away-from-home moments, all I can think of is how much I love being home. The comfort of routine and the reassurance of love are missing when I travel. Phone calls and texts are just not the same.

So this weekend, I am slowing my roll and nurturing my soul.

My morning agenda consisted of puppy snuggling and coffee sipping from bed while my hubby lovingly kissed my forehead and went off to work. The quiet moments when I’m not rushing or trying to accomplish anything are the moments that I need to refresh and renew.

Looking forward to Saturday date night and Sunday with friends. Making a point to be fully present in every moment. Seeing beauty in the regular scenery that I may normally speed past and miss in a blink. Feeling the blessings that sometimes get buried beneath responsibility.

How about you? What are your weekend plans? Will you have a chance to slow down a bit and to nurture your soul?



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