Overflowing Hearts and Overflowing Laundry

The world around us is busy. We are busy. Too busy.

Overflowing laundry baskets, growing to-do lists, never-ending responsibilities, and jam packed schedules are normal parts of all our lives. Too much to do and not enough time.

Is this ringing true for you?

But on this slower paced, leisurely laying in bed, coffee sipping, puppy cuddling morning, I can see things differently.

When I slow down enough to see the beautiful life I have, it becomes clear. The abundant blessings that surround me aren’t coming from bottomless household chores and busy calendars. The blessings are sourced from simplicity. The things that speak to my heart and soul are the things that fill me up.

Radical realization: I have the power to choose the way I spend my days!

Follow-up fact: Since I get to choose, it is my privilege to schedule things that bring me joy and happiness and love and fulfillment.

Tragic truth: Sometimes we get so wrapped up in obligations and expectations that we forget to find time for the simple soul-filling moments that sustain us.

That may be an unpopular truth to serve up because it forces us to acknowledge that we are contributing to our stress and busy-ness and worry and depletion. But it is true for me, and I would suspect it may be true for you as well.

So how do we fill our days more intentionally?

I am certainly not suggesting that our professional commitments aren’t important or that our chores should go ignored.

But I am suggesting that our laundry should never take precedence over an opportunity to snuggle a loved one or share a meaningful conversation with a friend or have a little silly fun with our families. Although those things are never on our to-do lists. Those things are never planned. Those things sprout up in the stagnant moments that aren’t jammed with a million other tasks. Those things aren’t scheduled. But those things fill my heart and soul like nothing else can.

Let’s commit to scheduling less and loving more. Let’s quit operating from a position of scarcity and “not enough” and embrace the blessings we have. Let’s find time to do nothing, which always leads to the best something’s. Let’s intentionally fill our days with the things our hearts need more of and quit worrying about the stuff that is left undone on our lists.

So, what if your laundry doesn’t get done? So what! The world will happily march on wearing stained shirts and smelly socks until you have time to do it.

Instead of worrying about that overflowing laundry basket, I choose to fill my days with enough love and laughter to overflow into tomorrow. And I realize that when my heart is full, I am better at everything else. And somehow the other things aren’t quite as important as I once thought.


Today’s post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday topic, “fill”. And was written with the help of some beautiful friends who unblocked my thoughts through their insightful words on what “fill” meant to them. So thankful for their wisdom!

Today is also the first FMF post hosted on a new blogger friend’s site. She wrote about filling big shoes as the hosting torch is passed to her and you can read it here: Kate Motaung’s Blog

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