LOL: More Doing – Less Typing

LOL. Admittedly, it took me far too long to figure out what those three letters meant when I saw them splashed on nearly every Facebook post, text, or email.

LOL? I finally had to ask. Because I’m that old and out of touch.

Laugh out loud, I was told. Oh! I get it. But really?

So I began reading the words that accompanied each LOL with a discerning eye, ready for the punch line to grab my funny bone and cause me to burst into spontaneous laughter. Out loud. But it didn’t. Hardly ever.

There are certainly times that I laugh out loud at something I’ve read, but my true laughing out loud abilities come out best in community. When I’m alone and reading, it is typically a smirk, maybe a wrinkled nose accompanied by a quick exhale which doesn’t make much noise, or perhaps the words inspire me to let out a quiet little giggle. Rarely a full-fledged out loud belly laugh though. And I will swear on a stack of Bibles right now that I have never ROFL! {ask a youngster if you’re not sure about that one}

Some insightful advice for this LOL culture we live in…

First, let’s have more doing and less typing! We can say it all we want, but that will simply never take the place of actually doing it. Laughing out loud, that is. Sure, we can all type something funny and wish for laughter on the reader’s part, but you’re not in charge of their response. LOL is merely a suggestion, not an action. The reader has to feel it to do it, and sometimes, quite frankly, things are just not funny enough to provoke out loud laughter.

So, how about we bravely step out from behind our glowing cell phone and computer screens and find actual opportunities to connect. In person. Face to face. To laugh. In community.

Just who is this laughing community I speak of?

It may be different for each of us. For me, it may be my co-workers sharing a laugh about some silly water cooler topic. It might be my husband who never ceases to amuse me, even after twenty-plus years together. It might be my old high school girl friends that remember me when I was goofy and irresponsible and we reminisce about our angsty escapades of yesteryear. It could be my family who can occasionally inspire an out loud laughter fest with a simple look. But for nearly a year, it has often been the beautiful – and hilarious – souls of Friends in Bloom while sharing a topic and sharing our lives.

Who is in your community? Who can you step out in safety with and be your authentic silly self? Who inspires your out loud laughter?

Whoever it is for you, surround yourself with them frequently. There is just nothing better than being wrapped in the comfort of friends, submerged in the community of kindness and wholehearted people, and accompanied by others who can share life’s imperfections and truly connect.

Encouraging you to LOL today! In person. Face to face. In community.


*This post can also be found on the Friends in Bloom blog over at their website. If you are curious about joining the lovely women who are sharing in life’s laughter, click over to learn more.

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2 thoughts on “LOL: More Doing – Less Typing

  1. Melissa Marshall August 21, 2014 at 9:07 am Reply

    Love this….I find, too often, I rely on the security of a keyboard to convey my point or opinion. We certainly aren’t teaching our children how to live in the real world when in fact we aren’t doing it ourselves. Maybe it’s the security, or insecurity, that plays a hand in this for me – but gentle pushes and reminders are always welcomed and necessary to remember it’s ok to get out there and live…instead of “living” behind the screen.
    Thank you sweet friend!

    • trisbendickson August 21, 2014 at 6:40 pm Reply

      Yes, live and laugh and love! Blessed by you and your wise words, my friend. Hugs to you!

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