Nature’s Truths


A ray of light streams through, illuminating the forest and filtering through the many layers of life. Under foot is evidence of centuries gone by. Above, the giant Redwoods stretch far beyond any city skyline as if to protect the beauty and innocence within. Rising tall. Standing guard.

Anchored by the strongest roots, these magnificent trees have weathered every storm. They have grown through every challenge. They remain regal and steadfast. And they are indisputable evidence of the masterpiece God has created.

I love the gentle reminders that nature holds for me. Truths that can only be whispered through the wind. Amidst these trees, I am but a tiny speck in this big ol’ world. My problems are small. I am a part of something grand and meaningful, but it isn’t all about me. There is a bigger picture.


The ocean speaks that same truth to me. Beautiful blue water as far as the eye can see, taking away my troubles with each wave that leaves the shore. The swells rush in to greet the land, but never stay long. They have a bigger purpose to fulfill. And I am but a tiny droplet in their universe.

Nature has a way of including us in the landscape, but doesn’t rely on us for its power. We need not be everything to everyone in the presence of nature’s grandeur. We can just be ourselves. Small. Meaningful in our own way.

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