Close Encounters of My Personal Space Bubble

I have a giant personal space bubble. At least two feet in diameter. My protection perimeter.

In line at the grocery store perusing the juicy tabloid headlines and I feel your breath on my neck. Too close.

At the movie theater when your arm casually usurps the arm rest that two strangers are somehow meant to share. Too close.

During a not-so-fun fun run and your kiddo’s stroller just bounced off my ankles for the 12th time. Too freakin’ close.

I realize that everyone’s bubble is different, but everyone has one. And our hearts have them too.

When we put up the caution tape around our hearts to keep people at a safe and secure distance from the crime scene is when it’s time to investigate things.

Theft is the most common offense. They barged right in and stole from me. Something sacred. Something personal. Something meaningful. Unreturned, so we can’t call it borrowed. Stolen.

My preventative response is to increase the size and security of my bubble. Bigger. Stronger. Nothing’s gonna get through this force field again. No one can hurt me now. But it does still hurt.

It hurts because that bubble protecting my heart is keeping the right people at a distance too. It keeps my secrets unshared. It keeps my weaknesses strong. It keeps my insecurities intact. It keeps my wisdom unspoken. It keeps my feelings unreturned. It holds my love hostage.

All because I’m afraid and uncomfortable and dislike the risk of being vulnerable.

If you’re genuine about getting to know me, I suggest you bring something sharp to to pop the bubble. Your wit might do. Or a shared experience. Or your persistent presence.

I am protective of my heart, but it isn’t impenetrable. In time I will let my guard down and let you in. Those closest to me are cherished because they have been patient and respectful and understanding.

Just don’t breathe on my neck, steal my arm rest, or run me down with a stroller, and we’ll be good.


Today’s post was inspired by Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday prompt, close. If you want to get closer to the wonderful women sharing their unique perspectives, click on over to her blog and join us!

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2 thoughts on “Close Encounters of My Personal Space Bubble

  1. Light Love Hope May 23, 2014 at 7:54 am Reply

    I enjoyed your FMF. I can relate, as I am the SAME way. We don’t like to let people in because then we’re vulnerable and feel as if we’ve left ourselves wide open for them to hurt us. At the same time, we are prisoners when we build those walls to keep people out. We close ourselves off from one of the most beautiful things in the world – the love from others. To love and to be loved is the greatest gift of all! Blessings to you and yours from Light Love Hope

    • trisbendickson May 23, 2014 at 7:57 am Reply

      So glad you stopped by! And so comforting to know I’m not the only one 🙂 Blessings to you, sweet FMF friend.

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