Springing Back


Life has a way of bringing us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. This is true for me right now in my life more than ever before.

I was suffering. Suffering from corporate burnout in my job, suffering from severe pain and fatigue from endometriosis and fibroid tumors, suffering from isolation through my not-so-good days, and suffering from a laundry list of shoulda coulda woulda’s.

Turns out that suffering sucks the joy out of life like a thirsty kid sucks the sugary goodness from a juice box. It empties us of all our sugary goodness too!

In a series of conversations with my friend and life coach over the past several months, I mentioned things that would make my life a happier place. I talked about goals I wanted to achieve and dreams I wanted to make a reality. I discussed roadblocks I had encountered and past hurts that were holding me back. I even made mention of needing a break so badly that I would welcome a medical challenge.

I put it all out there in the universe. So much stuff swirled out of me and around me that I had to take notice. Forty-something years of crap came flying out once I tapped into it. It is a mystery to me why I hadn’t been more open before, but it is risky to share our hopes and dreams and fears and tears, it turns out.

Once it was all out of my very crowded brain, something amazing happened. It created room for progress. And progress is a good thing.

Today, I am home recovering from what I refer to as the “seal the deal surgery”. I have come to terms with my infertility and am taking steps toward my overall health. It has been a hard journey in so many ways, but this decision is allowing me to finally heal my body, mind, and soul.

Today, I am writing because this is how I make sense of the mysteries in my mind and organize my thoughts. I have realized that I need to stir my own soul sometimes and clear out the clutter I have held onto for so long, and make way for better things ahead.

Today, I am celebrating a new job that is waiting for me when I return to work. I have been blessed by an opportunity that will allow me to use my teaching skills and passion for developing people every single day as a Training Specialist in our Corporate Training Department.

Today, I am rejoicing in friendships I have cultivated over the years and have felt the unmistakable presence of kindness through my challenges. I know that I am never really alone and always just a phone call, text, or email away from an understanding and encouraging friend.

Today, I am savoring some downtime that is a much needed contrast to the busy and production-oriented life I lived for over twenty years. I can pause and reflect on my thoughts and feelings and blessings during this time without hurrying onto my next task. I can sit awhile in this moment and realize that today, I am springing back.

In this season of your life, what realizations are you coming to?

What thoughts can you put out there to free you from their burdens?

Who can you count on to help you through your challenges?

What hopes and dreams have you put on the back burner, waiting for the “right” time?

And in what ways are you springing back as you reflect on your resilience?

We are all either fighting against something, working toward something, or springing back from something in our lives. My wish for you is that you can surrender your worries and fears and doubt and guilt. Put it out there. And welcome the newfound spring in your step that can only come after you stop fighting it. You too, my friend, are ready to spring back!

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3 thoughts on “Springing Back

  1. patticates247 May 2, 2014 at 8:17 am Reply

    Tris, I am in awe of your openness and honesty and do appreciate it very much. I am happy to hear that things are improving for you and hope they will continue to do so. An FMF neighbor. Patti

    • trisbendickson May 2, 2014 at 8:19 am Reply

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement Patti 🙂 Blessings to you!

  2. trisbendickson May 2, 2014 at 8:17 am Reply

    Didn’t quite follow the Five Minute Friday rules on this one. Posted yesterday about the recent challenges with my life’s mess and thought it was he perfect post to share with my FMF friends at Lisa Jo Baker’s blog. Hoping for grace for he rule breaking 🙂

    If you would like to see what other writers are sharing about “mess”, click here: http://lisajobaker.com/2014/05/five-minute-friday-mess/

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