Harnessing your Power

The wind is all around us. Most times it is quiet and unassuming, but it is there. In the background. Constant.

Much like the wind, your thoughts are quietly powerful and free-flowing. Their presence is prominent even when you’re not aware of them. In the background. Constant.

So wouldn’t it make sense to learn to harness their power the way windmills harness the wind?



One single thought has the power to run through your mind, morphing into a million other thoughts in the matter of seconds.

Have you ever noticed how the smallest seeds of doubt or fear planted in your thoughts can quickly multiply like the most aggressive garden weeds?

In a moment your mindset can shift. Out of control. If you let it.

The key is learning to recognize those potentially damaging thoughts when they are merely a passing breeze. Those thoughts will dictate your energy if given the chance to flow freely. But what can you do about them?


Once we recognize them, our task is to redirect them and shift our perspective.

What are the positives in the situation you are facing?

What are your strengths and capabilities?

What do you stand to gain by successfully navigating the challenge at hand?

What are you blessed by in this moment?


Those questions do a few powerful things…  they harness your focus and they empower your potential.



By focusing on the positives instead of the negatives, you harness power.

By focusing on what you CAN do instead of what you cannot, you harness power.

By focusing on successful outcomes instead of worrying about the unknown, you harness power.

By focusing on your blessings instead of your hardships, you harness power.


The challenge is that often our thoughts have a mind of their own. It can be hard to wrangle the wind! But you can most certainly do it. We all can.

  • Become more aware of your potentially damaging thoughts as they enter your mind.
  • Become more committed to changing the focus of your thoughts. 
  • Be open to the changes you may need to make within yourself to truly be able to successfully harness your power.

Ultimately, we need to consciously decide if we will allow our thoughts to have all-consuming power of us. Or, if we are going to wrangle that wind and empower ourselves. Choose your power.

Windmill Harness



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