The Power of Aligning Your Thoughts and Actions

thoughts and actions

They say that “nothing changes if nothing changes”. I have no idea who “they” are, but they are right!

I have spent valuable years of my life wishing for things or hoping for opportunities. All that wishing and hoping has brought me disappointment more times than not. I’ve kept the faith and a positive attitude all along, but my spirits have been a little squashed. An eternal optimist, I am, and giving up is not in my dna. But I have clearly been doing something wrong.

Truth:  Wishing and hoping does not bring results. Actions bring results.

Think about it… you’ve never met anyone that hopes to lose weight and then *poof* the pounds just magically fall off. Oh how I wish it all worked that way!

Results take action. The thoughts alone are simply not enough.

Over the past several months I have been on a bit of a soul searching, faith feeding journey. My world is shifting in the most spectacular ways. And just recently I began to ponder why and how that is happening now. What is different at this stage in my life?

In my reflection, I have come to a few key realizations that I am happy to share with you.

  • Mulling over general thoughts and ideas is too overwhelming. When I am able to break those big things down to bite-sized bits, I can more clearly determine what actionable steps I can take.


  • Once I determine a step – no matter how small it seems – I take it. Moving forward before fear and doubt and insecurity can change my mind is important to my progress.


  • The moment I have decided to take action on my thoughts, I have experienced positive change. Even if it is just fueling my courage to take another step, it is bringing beautiful things into my life.


  • There is momentum in movement and power in progress. Any form of action brings about additional chances to take action, so I recognize those opportunities and welcome them as the gifts that they are.


  • Believing in myself causes other people to believe in me too! How great are the encouragers in our lives that help give us confidence to continue taking action? They are my most treasured friends, and I realize that simply believing in myself enough to share what I’m working on is the very thing that allows them to offer their support.


I’m not sure why I ever thought that wishing for one thing and doing another would bring me anything but heartache. It doesn’t make logical sense at all, right? But all too often I would allow my actions – or lack of actions – to guide my outcomes, while wishing for something entirely different. The missing companionship between the two concepts has caused my results to be out of alignment as well.

Once we align our thoughts and our actions, we create a powerful movement.

Whatever it is that you’re working toward, you are not really working toward it until you take action. You are just wishing for it.

Commit to action. One step. A tiny leap of faith is exactly what you need to turn your wishes and hopes into reality and results. Take one brave step today to align your thoughts and actions and ensure you will achieve the outcomes you desire.




What areas of your life have you been hoping for progress in?


What small action can you take today to positively impact the outcome?


Who can you reach out to within your circle that will help to encourage your progress too?


What is holding you back? 



You can do this! One small, simple step at a time.





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2 thoughts on “The Power of Aligning Your Thoughts and Actions

  1. Shaina April 29, 2014 at 12:01 pm Reply

    Woohoo!!! So proud of my Auntie and your recent action taking 🙂 The results have been well deserved and will only continue to come in numbers no doubt about it!! ❤

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