Intention Tree

Oh, to live more intentionally! There are a million things we want to do, to focus on, or to accomplish in our everyday lives. But how do we give focus to the things that really matter? 

My husband and I decided to create an “Intention Tree”. We did this over a year ago and it is gracing our home still, serving as a daily reminder to live with intention.

We had some dead branches outside in our yard that we wanted to give new life to! So we cut down a large section of branch, submerged it into a tin planter, surrounded it with sand, and prominently displayed it in our entry. 

Of course we weren’t done there. Our task was to write some things that we really wanted to give focus to in our lives. We used simple tags and tied them on with yarn.


In its simplicity, there is beautiful impact.


Our intentions speak volumes. Pray.


The branches carry our heart’s desires. Forgive.


What a lovely reminder each day as we enter and as we leave our home to live with intention.

To give back. To imagine the possibilities.


Kind words fill the tree encouraging us to “listen with your heart” and “love unconditionally”.


Focusing on the core things in life is a lovely thing. Seek first to understand.



Such an easy project! Not time-consuming, not super crafty, but meaningful beyond measure.

What are your intentions for your daily life?

Why not have a family craft night creating your own Intention Tree?

Happy crafting friends! Here’s hoping that your Intention Tree will bring you as much joy and focus as it has brought us.

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