Editing Schmediting

Good day lovely blog subscribers! I had a painful brush with imperfection last night as I realized my “Claiming Your Space” post was delivered to your inboxes… unedited.

The truth is that I did edit it, but am technology challenged and did not save my edits correctly, but instead clicked “publish”. My heart started beating quickly as I opened the email version of my post and saw the big fat errors staring back at me like an unsightly pimple on an otherwise pretty face.

Blemished work. Imperfections.

I ran upstairs and made the corrections in record time, then worried all night about what you would all think of me and my ghastly grammatical errors.

Today, I have clarity.

We all make mistakes! And I have no doubt that your grace is entirely enough to forgive my errors while still leaving room in your inbox for future potentially imperfect posts.

Blessed by your readership, your encouraging feedback, and your mercy for what I am certain will not be by last mistake.

Thankful for you, sweet readers! And wishing you a beautiful day!

~ Tris


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