Claiming Your Space

The turning of the calendar page has inspired me to make some changes. I made a commitment to do more of what makes my heart sing! For me that means many things, but one thing it means is to write more. Writing is therapeutic for me. It stirs my soul until it boils over.

I write in journals that I leave scattered around the house. Sometimes I use my iPad at the kitchen island or sometimes my old and nearly failing notebook computer from the dining room table. Lately, my favorite writing space has been the comfy corner of my couch. But not anymore!

I realized that if I want to make way for something in my life – like my writing – I need to create a space for it. A space in my heart, in my schedule, and in my home!

For the past 15 years we have lived in our house, we have always had rooms for my step-sons. When they were younger, they were with us at least every other weekend and sometimes more frequently when they had hockey games or races. There were a few months when they were in middle school and their Mom took a job out-of-town that they lived with us full-time which was wonderful. But as they got older, the time they spent here became less and less, although I always kept their rooms for them. Now that they have moved out and are moving on with their lives as adults, it is time for me to do that too.

Empty room. Good location. SOLD!

Welcome to my new office! Here is my inexpensive room makeover…


I added an old door that I picked up at a salvage store for $35 to a small breakfast bar that we’ve had for years to create an over-sized desk. It is now a beautiful focal point, a functional workspace, and a sentimental message that happiness just may arrive when we open the door for it.

Accessorizing with a few clearance candlestick buffet lamps found at Ross for $16 each helped to add glamour as well as much needed light. I added a metal file box, a mosaic pen holder, a picture of my hubby and I, an inspirational sign, and some fresh flowers, and I am ready to write to my heart’s content.


The walls were already a deep navy blue which I loved, so I just had to bring in some vibrant colors to stimulate my creativity. I found a wall hanging that says “dream big” at Ross for $11 and hung it above a white bookshelf. I also brought in a mustard yellow fur throw on the navy papasan chair for warmth and texture.


The carpets desperately need to be replaced, but until we can make that happen, I am using this oversized quilt for a room size rug. It adds great visual interest and also covers up the unsightly spots. And my sweet pup, Brody loves to lay on it and keep me company!


My final update was to create a coffee station to help keep those juices flowing. I picked up a small 4 cup coffee maker for $17 and used coffee supplies that I already had on hand. I jazzed up the display with a motivational wall hanging for $9 and a lamp with a magenta shade for $19, both found at Ross.


Now this is a room that I can spend some time in! It is warm and inviting, yet stimulating and functional. I can’t wait to see what I can create in this space!

Reflecting on the years that I have kept this space open in my home, hoping that it would be filled with love and laughter and homework and hockey gear. It is symbolic of the time I wanted to spend with the boys and the environment I wanted to create for them, always ensuring they had a place of their own here. I have also kept a space open and reserved for them in my heart all of these years, hoping that they would fill it with love. I realized through this transformation that I can give love to them without waiting for them to fill the empty spaces in my heart. And I can welcome them into our home for family dinners and visits without walking by their empty rooms every day.

I am ready for new opportunities in my life and I am making way for them by claiming my space!


What things in your life are you making space for?


And in what areas of your life are you reserving space for that may be time to let go of?

Here’s to you claiming your space too!

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