14 Focuses for 2014!

2014 header

There is sweet glory in new beginnings! Daybreak. Turning the page. A clean slate.

Reflecting on the past with humility and grace is so very important as we begin this new chapter. Be kind to yourself for the things you left un-done. And celebrate the things you accomplished. Close the book and simmer in the strength and growth you attained. You should be proud!

For my new beginning, my new year, I am looking forward to focusing on these 14 things…


1. I am committed to looking for the good in my circumstances, knowing there will always be something positive to find there.

2. We are never too old to dream! I am going to work harder on dreaming in the coming year and in believing that my dreams can come true.

3. Celebrating strengths should come so naturally, but we often get stuck in trying to compensate for our weaknesses and that consumes our effort. I will never be many things. But I am already so much. What will change when I center around my strengths? I guess I will soon find out!

4. Connecting fully with people sometimes gets put on the back burner. Why? This year, I want to be intentional about connecting!

5. To-do lists are completely over-rated! I refuse to draw any conclusions of my self-worth from the check marks on a list. Clean house, dirty house, does not matter at all in the grand scheme of things. Letting that soak in.

6. I want some adventure in my life! My husband and I are creating our “bucket lists” and are picking a few experiences that will be sure to bring adventure this year.

7. Tolerance is something I struggle with every year and something I want to welcome more fully into my life. Less judgement. More understanding.

8. I am making strides toward my purpose through my passions. Focused on learning to follow my instincts and letting myself dwell in the things that make my heart sing this year.

9. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be sad. It is okay to feel whatever I am feeling! And it is okay not to put on my “game face”. This is how my face looks 🙂 

10. Love is an action. This year I will more fully embrace the acts of love. Reaching out more and creating opportunities to open my heart. Expect more hugs from me! 

11. Develop new friendships this year. I have been blessed to have beautiful life-long friendships that I treasure. Sometimes, the comfort in those who know me best keeps me from stepping out to cultivate new relationships, but not this year.

12. Naming it! I realize completely that if you want something, you have to name it and put it out in the universe. I want to be a writer. I am a writer!

13. Simplify. Too much stuff just complicates everything. I will be working on purging a bit this year. Cutting down on the excess in many areas of my life.

14. Growing my faith is a focus this year and in the years to come. I have grown leaps and bounds in this area over the past few years and it is changing my life and stirring my soul.


What are you choosing to focus on in 2014?

Feel free to share your thoughts, resolutions, or even a link to your own blog post in the comments section…


Whatever your focus, I wish you blessings and beauty in the coming year. Here’s to new beginnings and limitless potential!!!




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