S’more Chocolate Please!

My particularly challenging day called for… CHOCOLATE!!!

Yes I am an emotional eater, don’t judge.

Thought I would share my silly but crafty little pick-me-up recipe.

My semi-OCD planning for a recent camping trip caused me to stock up on S’more supplies, but now that the weather has turned cold and drab, I was left wondering where I should start a fire and roast some marshmallows.

Clearly a fire is just not the best idea in your house, so here’s what I came up with to put those delightful ingredients to good use.

S’more Brownies!


Easy peasy! Here’s the recipe…

– graham crackers
– your favorite brownie mix and ingredients to make (egg, oil, water)
– marshmallows

Just spray the bottom of your pan with non-stick spray and cover with a single layer of the graham crackers. Next, whip up your brownie batter according to package directions and spread over the graham crackers. Then pop in the oven and bake based on brownie box instructions. You will want to stop short of the cooking time by 15 minutes to add your marshmallows. I just plopped them down in a nice little three in a row pattern and pushed them gently into the batter. Then finish off the cooking time and test with a toothpick for done-ness.

Cool. Cut. Enjoy a little slice of summer!

Enjoy! And I hope your need for chocolate is sufficiently satisfied 🙂


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