Lazy Christian Tip of the Week

Somedays I find myself searching for inspiration to help me over a hurdle, to start my day off on a positive note, or just to fill my soul until my heart overflows. I seek quotes that I can identify with, words that really speak to me in meaningful ways to bring about self-realization and be a change catalyst in my life. And of course THIS lazy girl wants to do that in the simplest way possible!

Today I am sharing an inspiring site that I visit every single day for the inspiration I need to comfort and challenge me in ways that only written word can. I sit with the words and they permeate my mind while I ponder their meaning in MY life.


This one sure packs a punch for me personally! Just yesterday I attended Beth Moore’s Living Proof Live Simulcast and she talked about carryIng around your “old dead self” with you everywhere you go, even after accepting Christ into your life. If He has forgiven us and given us His ultimate abounding grace, then why do we continue to punish ourselves and lug around the baggage of our pain and mistakes? Seriously? Why do I do that?!

And how does He fill your mind with a concept that rings so terribly true AND then reinforce it so perfectly, so beautifully, so powerfully the very next morning? Only our GOD can do that!

What are you holding onto in your life that is ultimately holding you back?

For more powerful words to ponder, please visit Your Beautiful Life . And link up with their Facebook page to have those beautiful words inserted into your life while you are scrolling through your newsfeed. That is when they really grab my attention and fill my soul. I always look forward to their unexpected presence amidst the typical Facebook drama and rhetoric. Such a beautiful gift for my beautiful life!


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