Thank~FUL or Thank~HUNGRY

On day #11 of this month’s Gratitude Challenge, and I have a few things on my mind.  {see November 1st post for the “challenge”}

Because I am grateful every day for so many things, I am not finding it hard to be thankful.  I am absolutely loving the way the extra focus on gratitude is bringing my blessings to light!  It really does illuminate the wonderful things that we so very often take for granted in the business of everyday life. 

Looking around though, I am surrounded by people who are completely missing their opportunities to be grateful.  Can we just say it? 


Should be a curse word in my opinion!  What is going on with the world around us?  The “more, more, more” and “me, me, me” mentality is frightening!  So many people spout off about what is wrong with everything in their lives and I can’t help but mutter under my breath…  “take a look in the mirror”. 

The feeling of gratitude seems to be directly linked to our overall satisfaction in life.  If you are satisfied with who you are, and the relationships you have, then you will likely be satisfied with your life.  Thank~full even! 

But what about the “me, me, me” ones who are constantly looking for more?  SomeTHING to satisfy their yearning or someONE to pin their happiness on?  Wherever this quickly spreading sense of entitlement is coming from, it is hurting our communities, our families, our futures. 

How can we combat the epidemic?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I think that we can start by showing gratitude in all that we do.  Thank the people in your life who matter to you.  Give thanks for the food on your table.  Instill a feeling of pride in the giving of thanks and always acknowledge the receipt of gratitude with humility and grace. 

After just eleven days of focusing on my blessings, I can see that I am FULL!  Completely and totally full of abundance in all that I have.  And because I can recognize the gifts I have been given, I do not hunger for more.  Instead, I seek to feed the ones I love so that they too can be full. 

Could the ones that struggle with gratitude be starving for the simplicity of knowing that they matter in this world?  Perhaps.  Maybe they are thank~hungry.  That is why sharing your gratitude is an essential step of stopping hunger.    Give thanks freely and frequently.  Feed the hungry.


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One thought on “Thank~FUL or Thank~HUNGRY

  1. holyspiritztv November 11, 2012 at 7:07 pm Reply

    This is some Pow-er-ful writing and insight on thankfulness and the hunger for humility and simplicity with a dose of gratitude and gratefullness. I’m about to feed my friends,family and community!

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