At Your Core

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot.  Too much really.  But all those thoughts have brought me to an interesting conclusion…  I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up! 

Alright, I am a 42 year old who has been a productive member of the work force for almost 30 years.  That probably qualifies me as a “grown up” by now.  And I embrace my daily responsibilities and even excel in my job.  But again and again I feel like something is missing. 

Midlife crisis you may be thinking.  Heck, I am thinking that!  But what I think is more likely is that my core needs are not being fulfilled on a daily basis.  That leads me to more questions.

Who am I at my core?

What is most important to me?

Are there parts of my life that could better support my core values?

What things can I do more of that would enhance my core competencies?

The truth is that things are slightly out of whack in my life.  Family challenges are overshadowing the efforts that would normally have been put into my career.  And because of the corporate culture, slowing down isn’t exactly conducive to productivity.  But sometimes you just have to slow down! 

So I am slowing down.  I am looking around more and looking within more.  I am searching for my ‘calling’ and I am hopeful that I will find it.  My guess is that it will be found somewhere near my core beliefs.

I encourage you to look within and find out who you are…

                                                                                          …at your core!

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