November Gratitude Challenge!

What better month to exercise your thankful heart than the one with Thanksgiving in it?!  My challenge to you for this entire month is this…

  • Recognize at least one thing every single day this month that you are deeply grateful for.

{There is always something to be grateful for no matter what your circumstances are!}

  • Write it down or say it out loud and get it out in the universe that you truly appreciate your blessings.

{You may choose to create a gratitude journal this month, post it on Facebook, sticky notes, whatever!}

  • If you find that you are thankful for people in your life, take it a step further and reach out to them in thanks.

{How often do we actually express gratitude to the wonderful people in our life?  Do it this month!}

  • Allow your wants and desires to take a back seat during this month and completely focus on what you have now.

{When we are focused on what we want instead of what we have, true gratitude is not being achieved.}

  • Be fully present in your interactions with loved ones this month and ensure they “feel the love” from you.

{If you ever find yourself giving less than your undivided attention to loved ones, fix that this month!}

  • Give back to your community in some way this month!  Volunteer, encourage, donate, perform random acts of kindness.

{There is no better way to honor your blessings than to give back to others!  It’s good for them, and good for you!}

  • Share how this challenge effects you!  Will it create peace in your heart?  Will it create deeper relationships? 

{I am curious if stronger focus on gratitude will bring about positive effects for you, so I would love to hear!}

  • Make the commitment to SEE THIS THROUGH the month!  30 days to express your thanks is a small commitment in the grand scheme of things, so no excuses, just daily gratitude! 

{I firmly believe that if you commit to this challenge, you will be happy you did!}

  •  Invite others to join in the challenge!

{If you have people in your life that may benefit from an attitude of gratitude, CHALLENGE THEM too!}


I am looking forward to how this 30 day focus on gratitude will illuminate my blessings and shadow my challenges!

And for today…  I am truly, deeply grateful for each of you in my life!  Having wonderful friends, family, and colleagues is a blessing! 


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2 thoughts on “November Gratitude Challenge!

  1. Tonia Bendickson November 6, 2015 at 2:35 pm Reply

    This is great sissy! I love it and love YOU!

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