Invitation to a Higher Calling

An “invitation to a higher calling”… what does that mean to me? To be open to that inner voice that often tells me I have more to give. The feeling that my potential is not being fully realized. That uneasiness that I am missing my calling.

I, like many others, have glorious gifts that I am not putting into action on a daily basis. If it is just about bringing out my best, I can focus more or dig deeper and be the very best banker anyone has known. {Yep, I am a banker.]

But it isn’t that. I feel it strongly that the uneasiness is meant to bring about change. Change that will ultimately bring about the best in me and will call out my gifts to make the world a better place. Maybe not the world in a global “world peace” kind of way, but more like my sphere of existence and the lengths that I can reach.

The idealism of it all makes me beam with excitement. But the reality of it completely freaks me out. The worries and anxiety of a big change is overwhelming. The kind of overwhelming that stops me in my tracks. Fear haults progress. My progress. Your progress. God’s progress.

Some screetching tires would be nice! At least then we could hear it stopping. But fear is quiet when it stops us. It could almost be missed or overlooked if it wasn’t for the whispering thoughts that continue to surface, reminding us that we are not “there” yet.



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